chocolate packaging design


CLIENT KOKOA PROJECT BRANDING / PACKAGING KOKOA HANDMADE CHOCOLATE In this project I tried to capture the essence of Kokoa’s unique identity and used it to create a memorable and recognizable image in the minds of consumers. This involved creating a sophisticated brand that reflects Kokoa attention to detail and […]
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CLIENT EL AL PROJECT BRANDING FLY CARD FLY CARD A brand identity for Fly Card by EL AL. A credit card that offers frequent flier points that you can turn into flights. The design of Fly Card was inspired by EL AL aircrafts. In the logo we have highlighted the […]
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nara jewelry box design and logo design


CLIENT NARA PROJECT BRANDING / PACKAGING NARA – TIMELESS SOPHISTICATION Nara jewelry is a celebration of beauty, style and sophistication. At the heart of this brand identity is a unique sense of aesthetics as well as exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Nara’s jewelry is inspired by witchcraft and antic jewelry which […]
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