packaging design


CLIENT TEYA PROJECT BRANDING LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE. DRINK TEA! Teya Herbal teas are made from a range of various herbs, plants, fruits and spices. Tea offers more than just flavor and aroma, it also contributes to your well-being. In this branding process I wanted to produce a brand that […]
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bubble tea branding


CLIENT BOBA PROJECT BRANDING THERE’S ALWAYS TIME FOR TEA Branding Boba was all about creating an experience that is fun, playful, and unique. By creating a consistent visual identity, including a logo, packaging, and other design elements that reflect the youthful and energetic spirit of the brand, I was able […]
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tel ytzhak social media and instagram design


CLIENT TEL YTZHAK BAKERY PROJECT PACKAGING, SOCIAL & PRINT TEL YITZHAK BAKERY For the past two years I have accompanied Tel Yitzhak bakery. We have created a modern and cohesive graphic language that is reflected in the menu design, packaging design, social media and more. TEL YITZHAK BAKERY CLIENT TEL […]
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chocolate packaging design


CLIENT KOKOA PROJECT BRANDING / PACKAGING KOKOA HANDMADE CHOCOLATE In this project I tried to capture the essence of Kokoa’s unique identity and used it to create a memorable and recognizable image in the minds of consumers. This involved creating a sophisticated brand that reflects Kokoa attention to detail and […]
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tut and lime branding


CLIENT TUT AND LIME PROJECT BRANDING TUT AND LIME Fresh new look for Tut and Lime juice bar. Clean lines with a fusion of Organic shapes and invigorating Colors. TUT AND LIME CLIENT TUT AND LIME PROJECT BRANDING Fresh new look for Tut and Lime juice bar. Clean lines with a fusion […]
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CLIENT EL AL PROJECT BRANDING FLY CARD FLY CARD A brand identity for Fly Card by EL AL. A credit card that offers frequent flier points that you can turn into flights. The design of Fly Card was inspired by EL AL aircrafts. In the logo we have highlighted the […]
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mor for hair packaging design


CLIENT MOR for HAIR PROJECT BRANDING MOR for HAIR A new and fresh identity for MOR for HAIR. The new Logo and Vibrant Packaging showcase Modern Aesthetic, mirroring the Dynamic Nature of the Beauty Industry. MOR for HAIR CLIENT MOR for HAIR PROJECT BRANDING A new and fresh identity for […]
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business card design


CLIENT CONFETTI PROJECT BRANDING THE PARTY MAKERS The idea behind Confetti branding is a “party”. It can be a wild party in a club, or a refined and sophisticated ball. The key words that led me when designing the logo and graphic language for Confetti were joy, excitement and fun […]
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nara jewelry box design and logo design


CLIENT NARA PROJECT BRANDING / PACKAGING NARA – TIMELESS SOPHISTICATION Nara jewelry is a celebration of beauty, style and sophistication. At the heart of this brand identity is a unique sense of aesthetics as well as exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Nara’s jewelry is inspired by witchcraft and antic jewelry which […]
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